Recon Aerial

Recon Aerial Media is a business to business provider of commercial drone services.

Recon Aerial provides expert drone inspection services to the renewables industry. Our ideal clients for drone inspections are wind turbine farm and commercial solar installations, construction projects.

Recon Aerial also provides drone inspections for bridges, building facades, stacks, and similar elevated civil infrastructure assets.

Recon Aerial also provides 3D modelling, construction site surveys, construction monitoring, BIM, visual construction design, digital elevation models, orthomosaics, surveying, and mapping.

We capture stunning aerial content for film, TV, video production agencies, commercial real estate, property development, advertising, communications, tourism and more.

We have undertaken 1000’s of commercial drone flights in complex environments, challenge us!

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TEL: 1-613-762-7711 TOLL-FREE: 1-833-828-9463

Categories: Solar Companies, Solar Services: Measurements & Testing and Solar Services: Operation & Maintenance

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