Terawatt Solar

We are Terawatt Solar, and we’re here to help you take control of your energy bill. Our team is made up of solar experts who have been in the game for over a decade and know exactly what it takes to get you set up with a solar installation that works for you and your home. We have over 20 years of experience and megawatts of successful projects under our belts, so if you want to know what it’s like to have low-maintenance, high-output Solar panels in Toronto at your fingertips, we’re the people to talk to. We pride ourselves on transparency, education, and customer service—and we want you to feel comfortable with every step of the process before making a decision that could change your life. That’s why we offer free consultations and show our clients all their options so they can make informed decisions about their future energy needs. You may be wondering: how does this work? Well, it’s simple—we help you figure out how much power your home requires (or how much space for solar panels) based on factors such as size and location. Then we design a system specifically tailored to meet those needs at an affordable price point so that your energy.

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